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What are the Early Toucan Weeks? at Van der Valk

What are the Early Toucan Weeks at Van der Valk?

You have probably seen them before: the Early Toekan Weeks at Van der Valk. But what exactly do these weeks entail? The "Early Toucan weeks" is the biggest hotel deal at Van der Valk, which takes place several times a year for a fortnight. This deal consists of a one or more delicious overnight stay(s) in one of our hotel rooms, including breakfast.

With this offer, we give you the chance to book ahead at a very reduced rate. This early booking discount starts at 35%! Prices vary by hotel and depend on the room type and availability the hotel has.

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What are the benefits of the Early Toucan weeks?

The Early Toucan weeks at Van der Valk offer numerous benefits that you can take advantage of:

High discount: During the Early Toucan Weeks, you can enjoy a very reduced rate. The early bird discount starts at 35%, allowing you to make significant savings on your stay at one of our hotels.

Wide choice: The Early Toucan Weeks allow you to plan far ahead. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of dates and hotels to suit your needs.

Breakfast included: Your stay during Early Toucan Weeks includes a delicious breakfast. Start your day right with a full breakfast (buffet), so you can explore the surroundings or start your daily activities full of energy.

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